Doona Infant Car Seat & Stroller Review

For many parents with babies or toddlers, the idea of owning a 2-in-1 infant car seat and stroller is a godsend. After all, why buy two different baby gear when you can have just one that serves both functions?

And this is where Doona The Next-Generation Car Seat comes in. Its manufacturer claims that this is the very first infant car seat in the world that comes equipped with a complete and fully integrated mobility solution. I first tried the Doona out during a vacation. I requested our Honolulu limo for a car seat and stroller rental and they provided the Doona for us. I ended up buying oneafterwards.

But just how good is this car seat? Is it worth its price? Let’s find out.


The Doona Infant Car Seat & Stroller has the following specs:

  • Suitability: Rearward facing infant car seat.
  • Recommended baby weight: 4 to 35 lbs (1.8 to 13kg)
  • Recommended baby height: up to 32 inches or 81 centimeters
  • Product weight: 16.2 pounds (or 7 kilograms)


This infant car seat and stroller quickly gained popularity among parents with babies and toddlers because of its impressive features.

  • To start with, you’re assured of the safety of your child when you place him or her in this car seat because it is equipped with special features such as a fail-safe mechanism, a double wall shell structure and side-impact protection. In addition, it’s also made of materials that have been tested and certified as safe for babies.
  • It also has an easy installation system to ensure that you will be able to install the car seat to your vehicle each and every time you use it. Plus, the sides of this car seat/stroller are thickly padded so that your child won’t get hurt during sudden turns.
  • What really makes the Doona infant car seat and stroller a well-liked baby gear is that you can easily switch between the two functions. With the integrated wheels, turning it from a car seat into a travel system or a rocker can be done in a jiffy.
  • The Doona is also narrow which means that putting your baby in it while you’re in an airplane or inside a department store won’t be a problem at all.

Available Accessories

There are a wide range of accessories you can buy to make the most of your Doona. There’s the changing bag where you can place extra diapers, baby clothes and other stuff your little one might need. You can also purchase an insect net so that your baby won’t get any mosquito bites as you take a stroll in the early morning or evening, especially when you live in a tropical area (or planning to travel to one). The sunshade extension as well as the rain cover will also come in handy – because you can never be too certain about the weather!

Finally, if you have the budget, you may want to consider getting the latch base which will enable you to adjust the height of the car seat as well as facilitate a much quicker and simpler installation process.

Final Thoughts

If you travel a lot with your baby, then I highly recommend the Doona The Next-Generation Car Seat. It’s very convenient and easy to use, and is built to last too.

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